Marc Smadja

People say that Marc’s enthusiasm is contagious. Perhaps that’s because he spreads cheer on contact. After all, what could be better than combining work with pleasure? Throw in Marc’s proven results and you get... the broker you’ve been dreaming of!

3 dimensions of Marc Smadja’s DNA

To understand, you first have to listen... That’s why I always pay close attention to my clients’ needs. It allows me to recommend the right course of action for meeting their expectations. You should never assume you know the answer before you’ve fully heard the question. Every mandate is different and that’s a good thing.

Behind every transaction is a story; often, a major life transition. Whether this transition is a positive change or more of a struggle, a little sensitivity goes a long way. I want to make this change as easy as possible. How? By being available for all of my customers and by staying sensitive to their needs.

It’s no secret that I’m extremely demanding! When I hire the services of a professional, I expect top-quality results. I also expect the very same from myself.